Sarah is a Sydney based creative content producer, photographer and educator, who has a passion for travel and adventure and a strong curiosity about the world and different cultures. 

With over fifteen years experience with still and moving image creation and production, she enjoys collaborating with other creatives, being challenged with new projects and pushing herself to learn new skills in order to further develop her own creative practice.

Sarah provides unique and tailored services to companies and individuals looking for fresh visual content and new ways of promoting their services. She likes to work one on one with her clients, ensuring that the production process is personalised, collaborative and engaging, with the goal of achieving an authentic finished product.

In her personal work, Sarah enjoys experimenting with various media, both digital and print based, having a strong foundation in traditional photographic practices and print making. She recently had work selected to be part of the exhibition titled Self-Made: Zines and Artist Books at the State Library of Victoria.

Sarah has had an active role in curating, exhibiting and producing shows for key industry and cultural events such Parramatta Laneways Festival and Head On Photo Festival. She has also worked in conjunction with many industry partners including: Canon, Kayell, Sunstudios, Contact Sheet, Life Without Barriers and Parramatta Artist Studios.